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****   Enjoy the evening in our Cocktail Lounge   ****

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No matter the weather, in our cocktail bar you are warmly invited to

 *  have a relaxing afternoon with your friends

 *  enjoy an Aperitif

 *  explore the finest drinks, even if you are not a guest of the hotel

 *  let the evening fade away

We have a constant collection of exclusive beverages available for you. In addition, we offer a selection of regularly changing cocktails. Enjoy the ambiance of numéro 9 even when you are not staying at Sylter Hof or Villa Kristina.

At numéro 9 you can watch live sport events on:

Fresh colours and stylishly furnished rooms.
In a warm and welcoming ambience we ensure your well-being.

Just relax and let us spoil you.

We offer the right setting for your celebrations.
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Feel free to call us.
We are here to help you at all times.
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